Queen – Somebody to Love Guitar Lesson (Acoustic)

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In this Somebody To Love guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all of the chords for this much loved Queen classic from their 1976 album A Day At The Races on acoustic guitar.

I am basing this chord arrangement off of Brian May’s live acoustic version and the piano chords from the original recording. I think this combination helps recreate the original recording the best way possible while still making the song relatively easy to play.

The tuning is standard tuning with a capo at the 1st fret. This keeps the barre chords to a minimum.

Throughout most of “Somebody To Love”, you will see a lot of the same chord progressions with slight variations through the different sections. The once difference to that is during the bridge when some additional chords are introduced and that is also where the barre chords will appear, although they are just basic barre chords.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this great Queen classic. If you would like to learn the solo as well, be sure to let me know! #somebodytoloveguitarlesson #queen #guitarcovers #faithguitars

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  1. You all need to see the twenty minutes that changed rock, !!! "Queen at Live Aid" they stole the show from everyone who just happened to be playing ,& it's just about every great band that could have played, and I knew it when I saw it LIVE told my friends they were stealing the show, !!! BEST OF ALL TIME…..IMO Just watch to believe how truly GREAT it really was ,& all the others there knew they were doing it without all the glam and gimmicks ,just nailing everything they played !!!! Best of all time.. a must see….peace

  2. Man, you should make a new channel naming "Singing lessons 365"

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  4. carl is endless master on earth yeah its the truth you seeking for.

  5. Can you teach us the solo for this please? Thanks.

  6. thanks carl. It would be great if you explained the solo

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  11. Brooklyn Greig-Hartley

    Please more def leppard

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  15. guitars are the answer !

    really appreciate this one carl thankyou.

  16. Panos Georgopoulos

    Could you play some Rainbow please? Most underrated band ever.

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  18. Woah Carl where did that voice come from?!?!?!? Sounds so soft and beautiful you should definitely sing more for us.

  19. Splendid video Carl. Would love to see the solo!

  20. Its capoo

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