Queen – We Will Rock You – How to Play the Guitar Solo Lesson – Guitar Lessons

Queen - We Will Rock You - How to Play the Guitar Solo Lesson - Guitar Lessons

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  1. I came here to watch Martys lack of hybrid picking

  2. mad_the_cyclops369

    Marty.. wtf was that. Your losing it dude. That does not sound like we will rock you

  3. i cant even follow

  4. Great lesson marty!!

  5. Dude can you show us how to play” BATMAN BEYOND RETURN OF THE JOKER END CREDITS THEME”

  6. Glorious

  7. Dude your a great guitar players, but this tutorial is really bad

  8. I'd wish you were my dad :c

  9. you didnt even fucking teach the second part you just played it and didnt explain half of it. youre a piece of shit guitar teacher. learn to do your fucking job cunt

  10. Bad tuto fuck you

  11. this is surprisingly easy lmao

  12. Came back 5 years later to learn to play this, cheers.

  13. Mutz & The Lurking Extras

    Almost everything about this is wrong. That's Marty's motto: Play it sloppy and get it over with.

  14. Cheers!

  15. Familia Vásquez Vidal


  16. I'm 14 and I'm saving up for a Les Paul and this is going to be the first thing I learn. I use my dad's electric a lot but it's really old and can't hit the high notes so I'm gonna be stoked when I can actually play this

  17. Markage Awesome1251

    When you only have an acoustic guitar 🙁

  18. This solo is a lot harder then it sounds lol I been playing for a while but its hard to play this like the original. No one plays this like Brian May.

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