R.E.M. – Losing My Religion – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Drue James – FULL SONG

Full acoustic guitar lesson for Losing My Religion by R.E.M. This sing and strum version uses the mandolin lead parts and incorporates it with strummed adapted easy open chords.

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Keep on playing 馃檪
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  1. if you stupid like me and cant sing to a guitar switch speed 0.5 and try to play -profit 馃槈

  2. hi could this all be finger picked ??? thanks

  3. Really the best. So many miss out on the details that make all the differences like the FM7->Am->G strum patterns. Makes all the difference.

  4. Love your videos, man. Also, apart from the highly-talented guitar skills, you have a really good voice too

  5. So nice thank麓s Drue you are the best! Best teacher ever

  6. (SOLEDAD- WESTLIFE) Drue, please make this tutorial. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee like my comment Or Comment here, if anyone need this "Tutorial" also. Pleasee.

  7. Fuera oe que fea voz

  8. this is great… but way beyond me for now:(

  9. drue rocks

  10. When I go up to the G do I hit all the strings?

  11. Do臒ucan Kocada臒

    Dude you are king man

  12. amaaaazing

  13. Great! Thanks!

  14. how many string do i have to strum on the upstroke for the 1st part?

  15. You British people sound like Americans when you sing, thank you very much for teaching the full song.

  16. Great Lesson as always Drue thanks

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