R U Mine? Guitar Lesson – Arctic Monkeys

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In this guitar lesson video, I will break down the Arctic Monkeys’ smash hit “R U Mine?” in it’s entirety.

In this video guitar lesson, I will show you note-for-note how to play the smash hit “R U Mine?” by the Arctic Monkeys.

As with a lot of the Arctic Monkeys’ music, this song is very riff based with lots of single notes lines that move around quite a bit. This kind of technique, along with an octave pedal creates a huge yet intricate sound. These riffs are also very fun to play once you get them all under your fingers.

Lucky enough for us, there are definitive verse, pre-chorus and chorus sections that repeat. So it might sound like everything is just an endless stream of notes, but there are repeated riffs that you can latch onto. There are a few variations on these riffs, but I will point those out as the come.

With this R U Mine? guitar lesson, I will break down all of these riffs so that they are easy to memorize. On a technical level there isn’t anything here that an intermediate level guitarist can’t handle, I think the memorization of the notes is going to be the biggest hurdle. But I will do my best in this lesson to show you these riffs in an easy to understand and cohesive fashion. 🙂

The Arctic Monkeys have a very identifiable sound. It is very unique and refreshing to hear. “R U Mine?” is a great study into their guitar style.

So I hope you enjoy learning this modern classic by one of the most original sounding bands to come along in a long time.

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  1. Thanks a lot!

  2. can you send a link of the tabs for this song?

  3. i kept thinking bout the yousician ad. he doesnt know how to play the guitar but why tf he has 2 expensive guitars

  4. This is so much clearer than rocksmith. Thanks so much mate

  5. How do u make ur strat sound like that? Because my strat sounds too acoustic-ish . Don't judge. Im new in electric guitars THX

  6. this is super late but you can do the effects-ey sound at the start by bending the 9th fret A string 😮

  7. Charlie Pressler

    more arctic monkeys would be massively appreciated. ….view from the afternoon

  8. what guitar is that bro?:O

  9. This tutorial is awesome! thanks

  10. Hey man… Do the heart of life by john mayer.. Please 🙂

  11. please put "the stage" from avenged sevenfold

  12. Much useful

  13. Any guitar tab?

  14. Anakin Skyballer

    how many time do u hit it for a full measure at 11:43

  15. airlangga badar

    how to sing the song while playing this

  16. Carl…

  17. is that a kramer?

  18. that one channel that plays guitar

    i have the exect same guitar with the same colour thats pretty cool

  19. Any recommended guitar and amp settings for this/arctic monkeys in general? (I have a standard fender strat and amo)

  20. Madison Eastby

    Thank you so so much!!!!!!

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