Radiohead – Let Down | acoustic guitar lesson

Radiohead - Let Down | acoustic guitar lesson

Radiohead – Let Down | acoustic guitar lesson
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I’ve based the chords here off the ones which Thom Yorke plays in live performances of the song, and it sounds like it matches up with the studio recording. The acoustic part of Let Down uses some basic chords and then twists them into some very peculiar things (as Radiohead songs often do). On top of that, the strumming pattern uses some strange upstrums which occur on off-beats.

The verse is mostly straightforward, although the Asus4 shape that Thom uses is not all that common (you can substitute it for the standard open version). He also uses a really cool F#m(b13) which is just a standard F#m with an extra finger.

The chorus is probably the most difficult part because of the quick flow between chords and the odd timings. The easiest way to approach is to realise that it follows the vocal melody pretty closely. I’ve broken it down at the end of the video.

The backing track tempo is 105bpm.


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