Radiohead – No Surprises | acoustic guitar lesson

Radiohead - No Surprises | acoustic guitar lesson

Radiohead – No Surprises | acoustic guitar lesson
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These videos are designed for guitar beginners or those with only limited guitar knowledge. They use simple chord shapes as much as possible and do not necessarily represent the way in which the song was originally played. They are designed as practice tools to supplement your other learning methods. Information is provided on screen for both right and left-handed players!

The acoustic guitar part of No Surprises is played with a capo on fret 3. Although it uses simple open chord shapes, there are some odd finger positions and the strum pattern can become quite intricate. A lot of the sections embellish the chords briefly in different ways. The song can be simplified further by removing these and playing the basic chords listed along the bottom of the video.


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  1. Pearl The Crystal Gem

    Can you please make lesson for Let Down by Radiohead, it would be really really great

  2. andres lobaton quijano

    Let Down by Radiohead plzzzzz!!!!!

  3. We need last flowers acoustic version. (Sorry for my bad english)

  4. depressing lyrics + upbeat instrumentation. what a song!

  5. Awesome! Thanks man!

  6. i love radiohead!

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