Radiohead – No Surprises Guitar Lesson

Radiohead - No Surprises Guitar Lesson

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In this No Surprises guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this much loved song off of Radiohead’s OK Computer album.

The first half of the lesson will cover Ed O’Brien’s electric guitar parts. The tuning is standard tuning, but he has his guitar capoed at the 15th fret. This allows him to do all of those really cool melodic ideas without much difficulty. I will tackle each section in the order that it appears in the song.

The second half of the lesson will cover Thom Yorke’s acoustic guitar parts.

He is also tuned to standard, but his capo is placed an octave lower at the 3rd fret.

Thom uses some really cool chord voicings that he either fingerpicks or strums with his fingers (no pick).

When all of these guitar parts are put together, it sounds really cool. It was a lot of work to get all these parts transcribed, but hopefully it will help some of you guys learn how you can create an almost orchestral like atmosphere with the right combination of notes. And learn to play a cool song as well!


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  1. Climbing up the walls

  2. Angel Martinez

    Hey another great lesson. Cool. I have a request can you please do a lesson of the Change by John Waite? It has alot of great guitar parts? Thanks.

  3. eddieberkeyheiser

    Could you do a lesson for Shadow of Your Love by Guns N’ Roses?

  4. Exodus – Bonded By Blood please

  5. What a classic.

  6. Awesome job. Thank you.

  7. Thanks! One of my all time favorite songs.

  8. I see Radiohead, I liked

  9. Hi Carl, you are an amazing teacher and a big inspiration for me in terms of wanting to continue guitar. I would love if you could teach holy diver or rainbow in the dark by Dio, I would also appreciate if you could teach the solo to diary of a madman, anyway thank you so much for being an awesome guitar teacher.

  10. Classic

  11. Best tutorial for this song on Youtube!

  12. Estefan Guerrero

    More rolling stones. Mick taylor is a genius

  13. Антон Селиверстов

    Love the new intro !)

  14. The unforgiven ll

  15. You’re the man Carl. Love when you teach Radiohead.

  16. More Radiohead !!

  17. Alessandro Vitale

    Great lesson as always, could you do some more from Ok Computer? Like Let Down or Electrioneering

  18. Can u please do the rest of surfing with the alien

  19. Thank you!!!!! I was searching a tutorial about this song

  20. Capo won't go on 15th fret on my guitar.

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