Radiohead – True Love Waits – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Drue James

Here’s an acoustic guitar lesson for True Love Waits by Radiohead. This tutorial is based on this live performance:

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Keep on playing 🙂


  1. Can u do all I need


  3. Thank u sir , keep success

  4. Incredible

  5. Anthony d'andrea

    If a beginner, like say someone who’s been playing consistently for a few months learns this and plays it just like the tutorial…is that good? Cuz it felt like the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire freakin life lol

  6. its not aunt lol great guitar lesson though

  7. 6 people disliked );(

  8. Me encanto ♡

  9. No sé por qué ví la miniatura y pensé que era Topa re woa Topa hace covers de Radiohead nada que ver igual

  10. do more Radiohead tutorials please.

  11. great video !! i'll learn that song right now !!thanks a lot for this tutorial,its perdect !

  12. this video is so clear ,thank you

  13. Not a bad voice…

  14. Why are you singing? This is a guitar tutorial isn't it? Only Thom can sing this song properly.

  15. do you need a pick to play it ?

  16. cheers Drue,,, glass eyes is my stand out luve
    of the great album 🙂 quite haunting

  17. Warrfrog Warrington

    Such a great lesson.wishing you a blessed life..I thank you from my heart..some guy from Arizona USA…

  18. nice voice dude!

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