Ragtime Blues Guitar Lesson – Solo Guitar Composition – EP189

To view the Part 2 and 3 videos, the rhythm strumming breakdown, and to access the interactive tab viewer visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/ragtime-blues-guitar-lesson-solo-guitar-lesson-ep189

In this ragtime blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn 2 things. 1) I’ll show you exactly how to play this solo guitar composition so you have a song that you can play on either acoustic or electric guitar and 2) I’ll explain where all of the notes come from and how I play the chord changes so that you can improvise in this style and even take this in your own direction.


  1. sounds very chet atkins ish..

  2. this is awsome 🙂
    thanks :)

  3. Thanks, might be getting a subscription for my birthday!

  4. Hey Brian, hello from Japan.

  5. That last chord reminds me of the intro chord of A Hard Days Night!

  6. Alvarez model?

  7. Thanks, always love these solo pieces

  8. really nice sounds like hawaiian style…

  9. I really like yours rhythm and lead lessons! Thanks!

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