Ragtime Blues Guitar that you can play by yourself (No jam track needed) – Blues Guitar Lesson EP351

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a ragtime blues composition by yourself on guitar. I’ll also explain the chord structure.

To view the Part 2 video, download the tab PDF File, and access the interactive tab viewer for this lesson, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/ragtime-blues-guitar-lesson-solo-composition-no-jam-track-needed-ep351/
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  1. I hear some Grateful Dead deal forsure

  2. I hear some Grateful Dead deal forsure

  3. I am totally digging this ragtime stuff. My late father, who was pretty old & a WWII vet. thought ragtime was amazing. I want to say how I really feel. It is great!

  4. That triple O sounds fabulous

  5. I signed up as a premium member few weeks now and I highly recommend for people to sign up , yet another 1st class lesson , can't wait to get stuck into it

  6. Thanks, Brain – Longtime easy rider but finally ponied up the ridiculously reasonable cost to join. Now, 3 weeks later, I'm nursing overuse reminders to maybe not try to learn all your great stuff without a break (;/). Sidenote – My 00018 is a '72, first nice guitar I ever bought – what year is yours? thanks!


  7. I'm still trying get through the Ragtime lesson from a couple weeks ago! I am not complaining, this is the type of lesson that made me sign up years ago. Keep'em coming on that old Martin 000!!!

  8. This would be a great finger picking song.

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  10. I can't believe it, we sell the same shirt here in Japan at Uniqlo . Brian, yep you are an international star.

  11. Matthias Rohkost Kanal

    Sounds amazing.. thanks for sharing!

  12. Another awesome lesson. I have so much to learn. If your not a premium member, I would highly recommend it.

  13. twincam96Deluxe

    Very nice one again, thanks Brian!

  14. Petros Tsourous

    It's actually the chord progression of Nobody knows you, famously played by Eric Clapton, but nice rendition

  15. That sweet martin has come back to life.

  16. Excellent Brian….just bloody excellent! Great weekend coming up.

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