Randy Houser – How Country Feels – Guitar Lesson – Rhythm and Solos – How To Play

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Randy Houser – How Country Feels – Guitar Lesson – Rhythm and Solos – How To Play Brett Papa papastachepop papastache102 papastache
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  1. Brett Thank you Brother……:)

  2. same exact fucking riff of AC/DC highway to hell

  3. Will you please teach tell me by Jake Owen? I'd love to learn that song! Your Chanel rocks! I have learned slit here thank you!

  4. christ, dude, you have the best tone.

  5. could you teach Find Yourself by Brad Paisley (finger picking) I really want to learn that.

  6. Papa can you post a comment here/ link to the Lollar Tele Pups you are using here.
    Do they come as a set? My MIM needs a Facelift. Thanks. 

  7. Can you do a "picture of me" by Lee Brice? I need to learn it!

  8. Could you do lesson on Something To Do With My Hands by Thomas Rhett?

  9. are you using any effects on your guitar

  10. Any chance you can teach the guitar riff in Randy Houser – Growing Younger at 30 seconds in ?  I CANT FIGURE IT OUT FOR THE LIFE OF ME!!!  Please help.

  11. Could you do a lesson on ( Like a Cowboy by Randy Houser ) ?

  12. Hey your videos are great! Could you do an easy tutorial of Tattoo by Hunter Hayes?

  13. Can you add a section in the beginning of your videos on how to achieve the proper tone? Dude, your videos ROCK!!! Love 'em!   

  14. I appreciate you Brother!! Can you do "Small Town Throwdown"  Have to learn it for a gig this coming weekend! LOL! All kidding aside Thanks!! 

  15. Hey, could u do Long live rock and roll by daughtry?

  16. What pedal are you using, thanks.

  17. Great lesson! After a brief hiatus, I just jumped back into YouTube covers with a cover of Runnin' Outta Moonlight. Check it out if you get a second! Keep Rocking!

  18. can you teach me how to play drunk on you by luke bryan on electric guitar??

  19. Hi Papas, may you make chord and solo break downs of the songs "cowboys and angels" and "even if it breaks your heart" too.. i'll look forward to seeing those videos from ya', the best of your kind on youtube.. thanks.

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