Raw-Hide by Link Wray | Guitar Lesson

Raw-Hide by Link Wray | Guitar Lesson

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  1. Oh dam you just brought back memories of me and my mate back in the early 80 playing that style in his bedroom on our fender champs for up to 45 min a song . Untill now ihad no idea it was a link wray rip off how little we new then .

  2. Love it! You do come up with some fantastic left-field choices at times – keep it up

  3. Leo Nolan tribute to elvis


  4. Thanks so much for a little happy in these dark times. Just listening to you play put a smile on my socially isolated face. I will have fun learning this one. I must say I am impressed by the excellent condition all your guitars are in. It’s nice to see someone respect their tools.

  5. Adrian, your playthrough of this is turning out like your playthrough of the solo from Moonage Daydream–another one that I just kept wanting to watch over and over because it was so exhilarating.

  6. Freakin' awesome!! Couldn't sit still listening to this.

  7. Excellent work. Thank you.

  8. Speaking of primitive guitar rock, can you do a lesson on the primitives ?

  9. Is that a Virage? Sweet.

  10. Great video! Anyone else notice how the beginning of the solo is basically the intro to God Save The Queen by the Sex Pistols? So cool to track musical evolution through the years…

  11. Thank you! This brought me a little bit of sunshine and joy. I`m going to have a blast learning/playing this.

    You have a fantastic skills and GREAT taste in music. Rock on!

  12. Day 3 of a 4 week lockdown in New Zealand and this is a godsend. Desperate for something new to learn that is enough of a challenge while being achievable and fun to play. This is perfect, your lessons are perfect and your timing is impeccable. Thank you, Adrian.

  13. This is worth it just for the chords. Thanks again.

  14. The Livingroom Busker

    Did I detect a sex pistols god save the queen riff in that solo?

  15. You're lessons are my favorite. You choose such great songs. Thank you. I'm becoming a patreon subscriber.

  16. Link Wray is a bottomless well of cool. So goooooood. Lots of great guitar playing just learning his music.

  17. good choice, equipment, and performance.

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