Ray Charles “What’d I Say” Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Hello friends,
Welcome to the second installment of my “By Request” video series. Each Tuesday I’ll be dropping a new tutorial on a song requested by members of my audience. Request your favorite tune at: http://swiftlessons.com/Request_a_Song.

In this lesson, I’ll break down how to play the Ray Charles 1959 classic “What’d I Say.” I’ll take you through Ray’s intro riffs, a fender roads inspired strumming pattern, and some bluesy licks and turnarounds to get you performance ready. Let’s get started!
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  1. MethzoloJordan

    Hi swiftlessons : thanks for all your videos. Can you please show how to play "Jimmy" from Moriaty. Thanks in advance. a big fan of your work ;)

  2. Dwayne Pellerin

    Awesome! I felt that! All of it!

  3. thanks for breaking down ray Charles. Great stuff.

  4. Dmitri Murahovschi


  5. you are a very good teacher. I subscribed.

  6. love your version of ray Charles what i say. can you teach a lesson on Freddy king instrumental, Hide AWay?



  8. oh yes…. I need this in my life ! another really good one ! keep them coming

  9. Very nice!  I can't wait to learn it!  Thanks man!

  10. wolfmansbrother1000

    Awesome! That's what I say.

  11. Great lesson, thanks!

  12. Hey!! could you do a lesson of The Girl of City and Colour??

  13. matteo d'errico


  14. Robert Gendron

    Always wanted to learn this song on guitar. Thanks for  a great lesson.

  15. Shawn Tompkins

    Nice work, man. I'm learning this one now. Thanks!

  16. cheeses of Nazareth

    Sickeningly good!!!!

  17. What'd I say …..love your music you are the best

  18. you should do a guitar tutorial on iris by the goo goo dolls

  19. Man I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this one!!

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