R&B Neo Soul Chord Melody Guitar Lesson [+tabs]

Melodic idea i was messing around with. try moving it to different keys, and adding your own licks and phrases into it. Even try expanding it into a longer sequence! You’ll have a lot of fun with this one 🙂

Want more Neo Soul guitar lessons or r&b guitar chords? let me know in the comments!


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Full song ‘Leap Of Faith’ : http://bit.ly/2EUI6Zv

Full Song ‘Defying Gravity’ : http://bit.ly/2G7pyVi

Full Song ‘SHOWTIME’ : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrpSp7tU_nY

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  1. i just learned of neo soul and i love it! the type of sound that is good to the ears, super fukin good tutorial also

  2. j’adore,,,good job

  3. Bro….that melody is really tasty. Thnx for doing this.

  4. Very nice video my good sir, appreciate you breaking down the specific chords and providing tabs! Subscribed.

  5. Very nice riff/melody, made me subscribe and want to learn it instantly!
    Just one question, for practicing this with a metronome; what are the bpm and most importantly, what time signature is this in?


  6. Thanks man, awesome

  7. Hey m@n im finding really cool stuffs here
    Have just one question = How you're doing your tabs ?
    …i mean with which sotware…

  8. great teaching method instant sub

  9. your solo is amazing!

  10. Groovy – spicy and very efficient lick that I can decline in professional stuff! very usefull, thanks bro

  11. amazing stuff, man. this is great!!!

  12. The best guitarist 🙂

  13. Killed it again, can’t wait to tackle this one!

  14. This one's really amazing… Thanks for the lesson!

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