R&B Neosoul Guitar Lesson (Beautiful Chords)

R&B Neosoul Guitar Lesson (Beautiful Chords)

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  1. You have a website?

  2. The first chord is an Amaj9 not 7

  3. Anyone bought is soundslice lessons

  4. Whats up brotha! anyway you can email me them samples of you on the guitar just the sample of the chords. You are too smooth on the strings. Hit me bac

  5. My god this is what i am striving to acheive

  6. Rhythmical Remedies

    Beautiful Sounds, Thanks for sharing 😉

  7. Where did you buy that open shirt? So cool

  8. Wow I was just impregnated

  9. Dude you're amazing!

  10. simply beautiful

  11. beautiful stuff mate

  12. Could I use these cords to write a song bro I’ll give you credit !

  13. İt's so cool man… we say it: "10 numara"

  14. I subscribe right now thanks you!

  15. Thank you so much! I was able to make a song based off this progression and a little bit more.

  16. Hey Todd. Could you please name a bit more the last two chords?

  17. Awesome!!

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