Red Hot Chili Peppers “Californication” Guitar Lesson

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Dream of Californication!!! Hope you guys enjoy this Red Hot Chili Peppers guitar lesson!



  1. Thanks for watching MartyMusic! Also FREE courses at

  2. Damn that's the Jewiest Jew ever

  3. You deserve a whole lot more subscribers, I mean like a whole lot more. P.s. great video love the channel

  4. Anyone else notice that Marty interprets – and teaches – Frusciante incredibly well? Even though his form is his own, I sense a real affinity for the material. Keep the RHCP songs coming!

  5. can you please do all my life – foo fighters

  6. been watching Marty's tutorial since the first day i learned to play guitar, introduced by a friend of mine..

  7. Su K M y D.iKc

  8. Thx Marty as always…cool lesson 😉

  9. The Black Chevalier

    Great job Marty. I picked up a guitar because of you. Love you bro

  10. wrong listen to the song u forgot something

  11. your the best guitar teacher on youtube

  12. Honestly how do you do that with your hands my pointing finger is way too short to press down the top string and do anything else

  13. I have the same guitar! In the same color!

  14. I'm envious of your tone. Mine sounds garbage in comparison

  15. Hey why don't you play some thing form bullet for me Valentine

  16. Why do you remind me of that guy off American pickers

  17. I think I've been watching your videos for about 10 years now lol. How time flies. Thank you for everything Marty

  18. Jonathan’s Gutiar Lessons

    Please do my friends rhcp

  19. i cant do full power chords

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