Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dark Necessities – Guitar Lesson – How to Play On Guitar – Tutorial

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  1. am I the only one loving this song in 2019?

  2. Marty – the next RHCP guitarist?)

  3. amazing thanks broooooo!!!!!!!

  4. @Marty Music, I remember back in 2015 I touched the guitar for first time, wanted to play lot many songs out of which 1st one was lose yourself by Eminem. I searched its guitar tutorial and found your video. TBH, you are the one who kept me motivated and hooked me to learn. Personally, I like your Crazy Train tutorial the most. You are ONE OF THE GREATEST YOUTUBER OF ALL TIME FOR ME.
    You are so cheerful, and the way you play guitar is so great, and I think if any non guitarist watches your video will also want to learn guitar.
    I am still learning and hope you continue to inspire people like me. [CRAZY TRAIN playing in background]
    P.S. This is a small request, please do "The Grudge by Tool".
    Thanks a lot man!!!

  5. 0:34 to 0:45 is just sick!

  6. Marty, could you please… Marty, you should…. Nothing. Just wanted to say thank you for your lessons and the good vibe always.

  7. 6:01 what is this? How do we play this part? It seems to be missing an explanation.

  8. I wish JK wasn’t always turned down on RHCP albums. Sometimes you can barely hear him playing

  9. The best as always, thanks Marty!!

  10. Saca bien la melodia inicial y aprende te el solo

  11. I love this video amazing

  12. picklecheeseborger 420

    Thank you so much, you taught me so many things and i can see myself improving and playing one of my favourite songs! KEEP IT UP xD

  13. When you are 12 years old and your fingers are small, and you are doing this on an acoustic, this is very hard….

  14. super cool

  15. how do you do that solo at the beggining

  16. trying to make.complicated
    not that hard.

  17. Gabriel Megias Giannits

    very good, i understood every part.! thanks buddy..!

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