Red Hot Chili Peppers Otherside Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Takin it on the Otherside with this electric guitar lesson for the classic Red Hot Chili Peppers song. I’ll go over the riffs and chords played throughout the song. Check it out!

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful support! I also have great courses at

  2. Please do Jimmy Hendrix’s version of Mannish boy off Both Sides of the Sky

  3. What color is your Strat

  4. Fishing with Essex

    well I know, I know oh woah

  5. Thanks Marty! May I humbly request more Smashing Pumpkins songs? And if you break out the Big Muff that would be even sweeter.

  6. How long how longgggggg

  7. damn not even so hard for a begineer

  8. Thank you for the otherside guitar tutorial. Appreciate it!

  9. Marty! you outdid yourself with this one!

  10. Very Nice, thank you

  11. yoooo marty awesome lesson as always. youve helped me so much and you dont even know it. anybody think its worth putting money into upgrading my squire strat instead of buying a new strat.? basically i cant afford a real strat right now lol

  12. Could You make one of madman across the water?

  13. Hey!
    Can you do wet sand on the electric guitar? can't figure the tabs out..

  14. Can you do “Kickapoo” again but do the electric part plz

  15. Zen Dog Multimedia

    Interstate Love Song please!

  16. Hey Marty can you please make a tutorial for 'Lost Prayer' by Zakk Wylde?

  17. I like that stratocaster

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