Red Hot Chili Peppers Snow (DIFFICULT) Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Heeyyyyyyoooooo guys! Listen what I sayyyyy ohhhhh, and you’ll learn how to play Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers! I’m breaking down the main guitar riff and the barre chords played throughout the song. Grab your electric guitar and let’s get playing!

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  1. Thank you for supporting me here at MartyMusic! Also, I have FREE courses for you when you sign my newsletter at

  2. Love the Chili's! Loved the tutorial, too. Thanks!


  4. I want to pick up my guitar but its 3 in the morning…. Ahh fuck it

  5. Great choices on the tutorials lately Marty thank you!!

  6. Brendan guccitrash

    Can u please do say it ain't so by weezer

  7. Ohh I got a good one. All The Faces by Creed Bratton it is actually a great song

  8. Im so excited for my electric guitar. Ive been playing acoustic for about 2-3 months and im learning it quick. I can play most of the common chords with ease. I begged my mom today to bring me to a guitar shop when we were out shopping. Little did i know id be getting myself my own new electric guitar. I had a blast with it in the shop, even though i could feel the guitar employee cringing wt me playing acoustic songs on an electric. Anyway, wish me luck. (Also thank you Marty for teaching me the odd song outside my guitar lessons, they're really fun)

  9. Hey Marty can you do a guitar lesson on Days of the new (face of the earth)

  10. Keithen Robertson

    Thank you much good man~

  11. Awesome lesson as always thanks Marty

  12. Yes, please more rhcp <3

  13. I would say impossible instead of difficult

  14. So amazing Marty!

  15. Learned this a few months back, really a fantastic warmup for the fingers but it'll take some time for the new players. Really emphasize your alternate picking in this song

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