Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow (Hey Oh) – Guitar Lesson

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow (Hey Oh) – Guitar Lesson
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The tuning on this video is Regular Tuning.…

Capo 4th fret – Make sure to fine tune your guitar after you put the capo on. The notes should be: 6th string – Ab, 5th – C#, 4th – F#, 3rd – B, 2nd – Eb, 1st – Ab

Where to capo 0:24
Intro starts at 1:35
Verse chords 3:10
1st Verse 4:07
Open strums 4:30
Chorus chords 5:05
Bridge strum and chords 5:33
2nd part of bridge 7:00
Tag (ending) 8:35

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Have fun with this song!


  1. Wow! You just made the cool yet tough riff sound absolutely simple. I'm an intermediate guitar player, this tutorial is one of the best on You Tube and the Web. Thank you for sharing this. Simply brilliant!

  2. Michele Chironna

    thank you for this beautiful son tutorial , is amazing

  3. Would of been nice if you slowed the intro down so people could follow on better. Still subscribed for future videos

  4. loved you…. Can you make video of Rainbow, temple of the king….

  5. thanks man… helped me a lot! 😀

  6. Eduardo Ribeiro

    Espetacular! Estava pensando em tocar essa música em minhas apresentações. Com o capotraste a música fica excelente no violão. Muito obrigado. Thank you so much!

  7. OMG!!! I have short fat stubby fingers and now I can actually play this song. Thank you!

  8. it sounds amazing, thanks 🙂

  9. Carly Ristuccia

    THANK YOU so much for sharing !

  10. That was a clever way of teaching this song.
    Thanks dude.

  11. woah you are one good teacher, thank you!

  12. “Okay friends, before we get started doing snow” haha

  13. I learned guitar because of this song

  14. I dint understand strumming pattern on 1st verse can you please tell me

  15. So if I use the capo is not regular tuning?

  16. This helped a lot. Thank you

  17. Capo's for pussies.

  18. Woww… ur voice was better den da music

  19. Giovannetti Luca

    Thanks man, really good tutorial and easy to learn

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