Red Hot Chili Peppers Under The Bridge INTRO Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

The Red Hot Chili Peppers had some red hot licks and this lesson teaches you one of the best in a simple and easy tutorial to fool your friends into thinking John Frusciante is giving them a private concert!


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  1. Here's the next part of the song

  2. If you struggle with the tricky pinkie slide in the 3rd bar: it's actually a simple hammer-on and not a slide. you can see it in the lesson video on Youtube with Frusciante himself

  3. You're the best, Marty. Love you man.

  4. Bro on these hard as chords you really need to have something besides your hand to show us how to fret the chord you call Daddy major but I can't find that as a D major anywhere I don't I don't know whether you're right or wrong turn a little frustrated right now can you go through it too quickly basic chords yes you can blow through them you're easy to look up so it's not a big deal on the weird ones you need to take it a little slower and have a diagram

  5. Ivan Hinchliffe

    Is it just me or does it get harder as it goes on like you think god finally got that bit that must be the hardest part then he says now this smh


  7. But can you do it with thumb on the low E? haha, jk thanks for the lesson!

  8. My finger stretched a football field longer

  9. Gret lesson, I'm so close to nailing this intro. Just need to do it consistently and with a little less buzz.

  10. Is that a 1960s Stratocaster

  11. Hold up, maybe im just not understanding something here. I learned this whole thing then just put a capo on the second fret and played it without barring it. Seemed to sound the same, is there a reason to not use the capo?

  12. "definitely harder for for guys with shorter fingers"
    Me (a 5'11 13 yr old)- Bring it on Marty

  13. The 226 dislikes are the people that looked at the start of the vid and said themselves "Nah"

  14. Jessica Hayden

    Will you do "My Friends"?

  15. Do you Barre chord using yr thum to hold, in my case atnyway I can hold down the bottom 2, EandA down and do chhords easy?

  16. ive been stuck on the first note for abt 10 minutes

  17. bro my uncle recently gave me a guitar (sun burst squier) and he always played this and i thought it sounded so beautiful

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