Redemption Song – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Bob Marley – How to Play on Guitar

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  1. Kevin Sachdev (K' Dash)

    Are you re-doing every song on this new channel?

  2. Seeing no dislikes makes me really eager to dislike for no reason help me…… Jk great vid thanks will practice till my fingers bleed

  3. Ah 'the' Brit classic! This should be in every acoustic players arsenal. Good video

  4. velvet underground pleaseeeeee

  5. love this marty can we have some more U2 songs

  6. Thank you that's very helpful!

  7. Have to use two hands to count the songs I've learned from you. You should definitely do a lesson for Nobody Knows by James David Carter. Keep it up man!!

  8. A7X- so far away acoustic solo

  9. the singing bit cracked me up haha

  10. I think there's normally more sliding in the intro but great lesson all the same

  11. Nice pick awesome song everyone loves.

  12. BEST MAN

  13. Thank you so much for all the top work Marty!!!!! you sir are a legend. Could i make a request for Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication

  14. So good to finally have ya back!!! Wanted to learn how to play guitar finally last fall and found your videos and been jammin ever since. Thanks Marty 🙂 cant wait to keep learning more!


  16. Every time I watch this tutorial, I imagine you're going to break into song no matter how many times I see this. It's so second nature at this point. Great lesson, Marty!

  17. who's watching in 2016?

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