Reharmonising A Melody Note (Jazz & Songwriting Guitar Lesson JA-034)

In this lesson I’ll show you a cool trick I use for reharmonising a melody, most often I use it for songwriting but it’s a kinda jazz concept. More info on the web site.

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  1. This is out of the blue but I just wanna say that I heard a guy playing some songs and I had to ask him if there’s some way I could listen more to his music. He said he’d put some videos on youtube. Search for Patrik Bergström – I Need You if you feel like watching one of them. Maybe he doesn’t have the most beautiful voice but as a songwriter he’s amazing.

    I just wanted to share this with you.

  2. you're playing with nails is like with 5 plecs on your fingers..)) why's that ..?
    how often you're visiting manicure works??)))))

  3. Nice information dude love it keep up the good work

  4. thanks a lot,nice job the,you have the talent for playing and for teaching,you teach in the same way you learn,and you try and acomplish o make other musicians understand in the same way you did,congatulations,and wishing the best.


  6. Dude, your fucking awesome. Thanks for the lesson!

  7. Those chords are complicated but its really useful!

  8. That's the one, thanks!

  9. actually, a E add 9 sorry. 0 X 4 1 5 X

  10. It's a B6 add 11. A big of a stretch
    X 2 4 1 5 X

  11. Could you kindly give me the voicing for that final chord you play in the intro? Thanks.

  12. "The more ya think, the more ya stink"……Love it… Thanks for all your lessons Justin. Great info and long time subscriber. JM

  13. Wonderful insight, thanks.

  14. The key term is common tone…….

  15. What happened to your fretboard? Several bad dents and what a shame.

  16. In fact my brain does hurt now!!! But thanks for the lesson, enlightening as usual. What model and year is that ES?

  17. This is so so good Justin. What a superstar you are, truly. Thanks mate.

  18. I am so going to watch this again. For me watching that just flipped a switch and the guitar and music made more sense. Thanks.

  19. my head asplode.


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