Renegades – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson – X Ambassadors – FREE TAB

Easy and intermediate guitar lesson for Renegades by X Ambassadors. You can get the TAB for FREE by joining the LGIL Student Area:

Easy Version Starts at 2:08
Full Version Starts at 7:55
Chord Strumming 11:29

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  1. strumming is never "the same regardless". Strumming patterns maybe, but anyone struggling with bar chords can just look up different voicings.

  2. how do ur fingers look so chill at the barring? I have to press down hard just to get close to it

  3. 2:45 to start the video

  4. misterioso sconosciuto

    less talk more lesson

  5. Play hymn for the weekend

  6. I'm thinking about getting a guitar and I can only spend up to $250 if anyone has any suggestions please let me know

  7. thank you so much

  8. You are annoying

  9. omg thx so much i just started guitar yesterday and had no idea of anything but your video helped a ton

  10. Could you please do a tutorial on The Nights by Avicii, and do both picking and chords.

  11. fingerstyle please

  12. everything by you is great I just learned numb and this now I need you to one of my favorite songs if you can, it's castle of glass by linkin park

  13. Awesome tutorial, would you be able to do Small Hands by Keaton Henson?
    It's somewhat complex, but I'm sure you'll be able to find a way. I've always seen that you've been able to make more complicated pieces easy (with your instruction presentation).

  14. conceder doing a tutorial for "I See Fire" explain really well keep doing what your doing

  15. Always easy to follow your lessons… Can you do "Meant to Be" by Rebelution?

  16. Great video found it extremely useful, can you do either a oasis or Arctic monkeys song it would be greatly appreciated

  17. Awesome lesson Drue! :)… Can you do "Nevermind" by Foster the People? It's a really nice time 😀

  18. Amazing job! Thanks for the tutorial!

  19. Great song!

  20. Great tutorial Drue. Thanks 🙂

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