Revelation Song : Electric Guitar Lesson (Jesus Culture)

By request, here is a video for Jesus Culture’s version of “Revelation Song”. This song is fairly simple as far as the guitar parts go, so I didn’t slow anything down to half tempo (tablature is included as always though). Chris Quilala, who is singing harmony, just plays open chords with a capo at the 4th fret. So I concentrated on the other guitarists parts.

Riff 1 is the volume swells at the beginning. It’s hard to tell exactly what voicings he is using, but this is what sounds and feels right to me. Riff 2 is what I would play for the turnaround, again not exactly what he plays. Riff 3 is the build where he tremolo picks 32nd notes which, as you can see, I can’t play very well 🙂 So I also show a variation using 3rds played as 16th notes.

Finally, I show the chords I hear for both guitarists (open and capo 4). There’s lots of cool variations you can do on these to make them your own though.

Please feel free as always to leave your requests for songs for me to cover in future videos in the comments, or send me a PM.


  1. I used Firefox to watch this video and the tabs were blurry. Strange!!!!

  2. Its blurrry. its hard to read the tabs.

  3. Could show the electric guitar lesson for the song" All I need is you"?

  4. Rhythm is the most important thing to not screw up when doing swells…;)

  5. thanks for the song info!.., but your timing was really of with the alternate picking solo :O

  6. Rizia Assunção Araujo

    you should make music from Your Love Never Fails Jesus Culture.

  7. You should definitely do Hosanna

  8. great lesson

  9. Can you do great I am by new life worship please 🙂 blessing from Dallas

  10. Thank you SO much. This is by far the best instructional video I'm ever seen for leading worship songs. This has been a huge help! God bless!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing this vid and the tabs.

  12. A run rthrough the effects used would have been awesome. That volume swell – fantastic. How do I get that?

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