Rex Orange County – Corduroy Dreams Guitar Lesson

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  1. How could I ignore you?
    Trust me I adore you
    We’re swimming through our dreams
    Kiss me in the shower
    For a couple hours
    Though we’re only sixteen
    And sit down beside me
    Don’t call me daddy
    Cause that’s just fucking weird
    Promise that you'll stay here
    You and I can lay here
    Until the end of time

    But girl, well don't you worry about me
    It ain’t new to me, feeling this lonely (Darling)
    Girl, don't worry about me
    But if you’re ever unhappy
    Then maybe, baby, I must let you go
    Let you go

    [Verse 2]
    Baby now it’s best here, to lay me down and rest here
    Let’s dream of Corduroy
    Work for what you love to do and I will watch right over you
    With your heart I’ll never toy
    And you’re the other half of me
    Drink and sleep and laugh with me
    Take me from myself
    See I’m a fucking basket-case
    Until I'm able to see your face
    You saved me from myself

  2. he is the most happy person in the world 🙂

  3. This tutorial is the best thanks sm

  4. Victoria Barajas

    could we play this on the acoustic guitar?

  5. Solicitude // Stampylongfan Gaming

    at the beginning I fr said out loud 'my mans is n o t playing a guitar like that'

  6. What do the x's mean?

  7. What do the x’s mean?

  8. what chords are they? Like basically i know how to press but idk the chords help me pls !!! thanks

  9. what does it mean by 0-8 and 8/9 sorry im new with guitar and still learning 🙁

  10. El me da miedo :c

  11. Matthew Gonzalez

    Your intros really are something lol

  12. 1:18
    This is where the tutorial starts so Im just gonna leave this here for me

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