Rex Orange County – Sunflower Guitar Lesson

Rex Orange County - Sunflower Guitar Lesson

Check out a Vocal & Guitar Cover i did on this song as well:

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  1. please do self control by frank ocean

  2. That C#maj7 sounds different for me, not sure why

  3. That F#7 chord is fucking me up. Does anyone know the finger placement?

  4. What happened with the rest of the Intro lesson??

  5. Joakim Wennberg

    Is your guitar a Harley Benton?

  6. Where the fuck is the lesson

  7. What type of guitar, I’m tryna learn n get one 🙂

  8. Ezequiel Gonzalez

    Can you do a tutorial of happiness, especially that last part?

  9. Justin Victoria

    Happiness by Rex Orange County

  10. Can you please do "No One" Covered by Rex Orange County.

  11. Since I’m a beginner is there any tips that I can take from you expert guitarists out there?

  12. What guitar do you have?

  13. Doh the Burger

    How do u play 5 notes with 4 fingers

  14. Can I ask what guitar equipment you’re using in this video? Looking to upgrade.

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