RHCP – Can't Stop (Guitar lesson with TAB)

RHCP - Can't Stop (Guitar lesson with TAB)

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This is my lesson to Can’t stop by RHCP.
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  1. I did a video that might help you with your muting technique. Check it out here – https://youtu.be/nnz7bgL662o

  2. Fer angel Gallegos cardenas

    Muy mal tocada

  3. Lord Commander Smith

    Iv been playing for 10 years and even i struggle with this.

  4. does the x mark mean muting? omg can't handle it…

  5. Jeremy Wynohradnyk

    Nice video but when playing with you on chorus I see you are playing some mute ghost notes in there that don’t show on your tab…watch your playthough of it and slow down to 3/4 speed and you will see. Great job. You’ve helped me greatly.

  6. Артур Пирожков

    А как простите можно глушить 5 струн и при этом на одной играть? Это физически не возможно !!!

  7. You are "THE alternative" of RHCP if they lost Master Josh on tour X)

  8. are all the X's completely muted or not really ? on the G string 7 – 9 I only hear one note nothing muted ?

  9. GhostMillionairesTV

    Close but not quite. During the main riff, Frusciante uses his thumb to fret the 6th string for both the Bmin and C chord, not just the Bmin as you have here. Other than that you've got it nailed.

  10. How the hell should i press A string with thumb ma goodness

  11. My attempt in covering the bass of this song! Appreciate any kind of your support, guys! Thank you very much!


  12. what effects did you use?

  13. What pedals did you use to get the tone?

  14. I like your tutorial man. No more talking shit!

  15. Yo whatsup your videos are great. Question tho. Do you use your thumb for those bar chords because that’s how fruschiante does it or is it just a preference ? It looks like you have more control/ strength over your other fingers when you do it

  16. Pefect lesson G', but at the verse, do you scatch all the chords?
    It seems very difficult thank u x)

  17. I hate that thumb thing over the strings.

  18. This is the real

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