RHCP – Otherside (Guitar lesson with TAB)

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  1. Linda Niemkiewicz

    Bridge chords are Em and C.

    And the solo is accurate, Yet barely audible on the original recording lol

  2. Linda Niemkiewicz

    Are you sure the pre chorus isn't G to Am ?

  3. I like lessons like this straight forward no long intros and wrong tabs thank u

  4. Easiest Frusicante's solo

  5. niec nice nice nice nice niceeeee…….

  6. Walter Eduardo Portocarrero Farfán

    1:02 i think…LAm

  7. Joejoejoe Thy wilt

    Damn! John frusciante is holy! his musicality resonates nature!

  8. I just can't do the thumb over the top for bar chords . I get that to play like John you need to learn this as he does this so he has fingers free to noodle inbwtween . But my hands just don't let me

  9. Stanislav Timanov

    Спасибо, Николай!

  10. why my d string doesn't sound the same

  11. If i'm right, A major chord in the verse, should be A minor

  12. Артем Савин

    So easy

  13. The best lesson in ever seen. 3minutes, man… no bla-bla, tempo is perfect for lerning. Keep it up!

  14. And it makes me wonder… Do you have a tasco?

  15. Even have the decency to slow it down

  16. Very accurate, the notes and picking sequence are the same as the album. This is a very good learning video. Coming from a fellow guitarist that plays live, this man knows how good a guitar line is. That's all I have to say. By the way (lol) this has been a song that I wanted to learn for a very long time but I just haven't and have other chili peppers under my belt, but this man hears those notes. And either you don't, or you do.

  17. what is that app at the end with tones?

  18. Дима Кульков

    The only good Otherside tutorial on YouTube

  19. There's a easier way to play it. Nice vid tho ty

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