Rhiannon Guitar Lesson – Fleetwood Mac

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In this Rhiannon guitar lesson, I will show you how to play all of Lindsey Buckingham’s amazing guitar parts for the great “Rhiannon”.

The tuning in standard tuning.

By far the hardest part of the song to play is the opening riff that starts the track. It is awkward to play because of the rhythmic bass line underneath the melodic double-stops. This riff shows just how great of a fingerstyle guitarist Lindsey Buckingham is.

I will break it down and help you understand where those bass notes and chords come together so that they don’t feel like two completely separate parts.

Moving on from there things get much easier.

The next section moves from they key of A minor to it’s relative major, C major. This riff also contains a bunch of melodic double-stops that move across string sets.

Pay attention to the end of this riff because it changes throughout the song.

When we start getting to the chorus fills, I will give you the exact minute and second mark each occurs at in the song so that you won’t get lost.

The guitar solo is super cool with some nice melodic blues based licks. Once again I will take you through the entire solo phrase-by-phrase.

There is also a new riff that happens at the very end of the song that I will cover after the solo.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this great song from Fleetwood Mac! #rhiannonguitarlesson #fleetwoodmac #guitarcovers

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  1. Aashay Chaturvedi

    What a beautiful song to play on guitar..

    I am grateful for this lesson Carl! You play so well.. always!!
    Please teach us lessons of songs written by you..!!

  2. David guitar madman

    Love the tutorials Carl!! You are an exceptional guitarist!!! I always learn a new way to look at the guitar thanks to you….Thanks again and keep posting!

  3. You are a really great, versatile Guitar player!

  4. I am a member of his 365 academy and I asked him a question about this song and he did this tutorial a week later. He’s amazing:)


    Please do marooned by Pink Floyd or echoes.

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    can you teach any offspring song

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