Rhythm Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Alternating Bass Lines on Acoustic Guitar

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In this lesson Robert uses a common chord progression of G, C, and D to illustrate how to use alternating bass lines (notes played on the lower strings of the guitar) to fatten the sound of your chord progressions and lend some movement between chords. He starts by demonstrating a simple strum pattern you’ll use throughout the lesson. The pattern introduced here is an alternating bass that uses the two lowest strings of the guitar and alternates between the notes. The strum pattern Robert sets up helps you create what effectively sounds like to guitar parts. These low-string fills on acoustic guitar are a good way for a solo acoustic guitarist to give the impression that so much more is happening than really is. This strum pattern and the alternating bass line are very indicative of what you might hear in a country song with some swing to it. THe basic strum pattern stays the same throughout, with only the low notes alternating to create a moving bass line that you can use to accompany yourself. Robert shows how to use this basic progression at different to tempos to change the style of music you’re playing and how it can be applied in various ways to make the most of the technique. Grab your guitar and give it a try. This is a perfect technique for solo acoustic players that can help add some depth to your sound and create an added layer of texture to your chord progressions.
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