Rhythm Guitar Lesson – chord variations

Rhythm Guitar Lesson - chord variations

Visit http://www.activemelody.com for more guitar lessons like this one. In this lesson I show you how to play some different chord variations using the E chord shape and the A chord shape. This lesson is meant for beginners or intermediate players.
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  1. oh this goes into steppenwolf the pusher.. no??

  2. dats amazing♥♥♥

  3. amazing stuff..awesome..thanks man youre the best never thought of doing that,neat sounds..subscribed and liked in 5 secs ..:-D

  4. Hi could you do a lesson of Rick Parfitts Rhythm style chords he plays in a band called Status Quo!

  5. great lesson…

    his site has more excellent lessons

  6. Patrick Petersen

    Are there any good books about this?

  7. excelent, i've just come out with a good rythm in the 5 and 7 box, 6 5 and 4 th string with a good set a variation in the bass section giving me room for a bit a improvisation in the higher notes. thank you, I am finding out that i don't know my style until it comes easy and a lot of fun

  8. Great lesson! I think it would be a good idea to teach them how to identify what chords they are playing as they go up the neck with those patterns.

  9. I'm so Extracted to learn Guitar …^_^

  10. Nice one Brian. Reminds me of Renaissance, especially the E chord ideas.
    Many thanks as usual.

  11. 335 ??

  12. Cool lesson 😉

  13. Great lesson. Thanks.

  14. very nice guitar to

  15. Cool video, this looks like the caged system . I'm a relative beginner, so this has helped. Cheers.

  16. I enjoy most of your lessons, but I have to say that it is much more important to the teach notes on the neck and they chords related to them within their keys.

  17. Yep, Jimmy Page is on my list of "Artist Series" that I'm working on.

  18. This is giving away my age but I remember one of my old favorite 335 players from the Woodstock concert era, Alvin Lee from the group Ten Years After. He was a fantastic player on his "Big Red" 335. And in todays era it would be Warren Haynes playing the Blues. I'll have to see if they have an Epiphone Set-Up properly next time I hit the Guitar Center near me.

  19. I've played on an Epiphone Casino – great guitar, fraction of the cost too. They play very well.

  20. Have you ever played the Epiphone version? I wonder how much difference there is?

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