Rhythm Guitar Lesson – Rock Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson – When To Strum – Timing – EP347

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn a classic rock, rhythm pattern with several bluesy fill licks. Lots of detail on timing and when to strum.

To view the Part 2 video and download the MP3 jam tracks and tab for this guitar lesson, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/rock-rhythm-guitar-lesson-blues-fill-licks-improve-your-timing-ep347/
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  1. You are a fantastic teacher — and player! — thanks so much, Brian!

  2. Another Great lesson and that red Telecaster is mighty fine…So many fine guitar lessons, so little time..another good timing practice lesson i would like to give praise for is EP069, slow minor blues in Cm.

    More teaching less talking. We're learning guitar. We're not in therapy.

  4. Great lesson Brian. I'm an intermediate player and find most of your lessons extremely useful. This lesson is no exception. Keep them coming please.

  5. Very good lesson well explained thanks

  6. Weird,you kind of describe the way I play without me knowing how I even do it.I mean I don't know how I do it(in technical terms) but that's kinda what I do…and I've been working as a musician for more than thirty five years!I really shouldn't say I don't know what I'm doing but just I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it

  7. Love the visual addition to this lesson. Really helps! thanks…

  8. This is why I started playing guitar, to play classic rock stuff like this. Thank you Brian , keep on rocking!

  9. great lesson as always. The on screen visuals and the "science" were useful.

  10. It is hard to you man…..

  11. Excellent lessen Brian, can’t wait to get home and play this!!!
    Thank you, for all you do.

  12. Hi Brian, don't worry….it's a great lesson like all of yours posting 🙂

  13. I hear "Nashville" in there….
    Great Diddy….great lesson
    You worry TO MUCH !
    All your lessons , are effective " by nature of your teaching style,"!
    ….? Scrubbah, scrubbah! Sounds Australian.

  14. I think you topped yourself with this one.

  15. incredible as usual. YouTube Top 5 Guitar instructors ever award!!

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