Rickey Smiley Gets His First Bass Guitar Lesson

I’m learning how to play the bass and drums this year!!





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  1. Styles Pretty Work Detailing

    You play 88 key's piano so you know music and you have a killer team on your side I'm wishing you the best my friend.

  2. Rickey, Big props for learning a new instrument. I know your dream to go on stage with Ashanti will come true. God damn Teddy White is sexy. The both of you have the same happy positive energy.

  3. Come on that's L Graham ALL DAY!!!!!

  4. C'mon bass!

  5. As a man I can say that I love Rickey Smiley… he is Awesome in every aspect, he love his kids and everybody else kids to… lol, he stands for what’s is right and he doesn’t tolerate any mess and he’s always professional. Just an all around good guy. My hats off to you sir for doing what you do.

  6. Wow man now that’s a blessing hold on to it bro

  7. He always makes me smile. My heart just feels so good whenever I see Rickey, hear him, or hear others speak about him. Such a beautiful spirited human. I love that damn Rickey smiley ❤️

  8. That sounds like a Larry Grahm bass line…

  9. Rickey that's nice

  10. That's a real blessing straight from the heart

  11. Im soooo happy for you Rickey. Please keep us posted!

  12. Man I love music my favorite dj/mc/artis is dj quik but y'all make me wanna play a guitar love the Jazz in it lol keep it up Rick….

  13. What was the instrumental music playing at the end?

  14. Glad to see you posting here

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