Riders On The Storm – The Doors – Acoustic Guitar Lesson (easy-ish)

As Requested – an acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the classic Doors song – Riders On The Storm. Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website: http://guitar.freemovies.co.uk where you can also find a song sheet for this video 🙂 Please support my video creation by clicking here: http://www.gofundme.com/guitar-tutor-man 🙂
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  1. Hi there – Please click the link and share my website (where you can find a song sheet for this video) via Twitter or Facebook if you get the chance. Best wishes – Alan 🙂 http://guitar.freemovies.co.uk/

  2. Абель Гидеон

    чувак, ты охуенен

  3. Роман Бондар

    You should upgrade your website such as good for you .For more popularity. Tabs and singing are always perfect !Great job!Thank you!)

  4. Muito Bom

  5. спасибо из РОССИИ

  6. I'm thankful you shared this! Been trying to do this for years now. I could never master it until now!

  7. Alan if you dont mind me asking are you usingva .38 pick

  8. more of the doors pls

  9. Thank you from israel

  10. Bee Gees- ONE MINUTE WOMAN

  11. Bravooooo!!!

    pd:Haz who cares de Paul Mccartney

  12. hey alan can u do the entertainer tutorial please? i need it 😉 thank you so much alan! you have helped me with beatles songs!

  13. Mr Alan! Could you do "Hotel California" by Eagles tutorial???? Thanks 🙂

  14. Please, do the "These eyes" by Guess who tutorial. Greets from Mexico!

  15. Thank you Alan! Perfect as always! I love your style
    <3 from NYC

  16. I'm still you're making like. Best !

  17. very nice 🙂 success for you

  18. Marty McSuperFly!

    Excellent teaching method! Muy claro!

  19. Como siempre; excelente.

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