Riff #4: La Bamba – Ritchie Valens (Songs Guitar Lesson RF-004) How to play

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: La Bamba – Ritchie Valens
More Info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/RF-004-LaBamba.php
In this guitar lesson we’re checking out the riff for La Bamba.

You know you want to!! Even if it’s a bit cheesy, it’s a classic guitar riff and I think everyone should be able to play it, so in the video I show you how. It’s great at parties too!

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  1. I cant tell by your fingers but that doesnt look like a F it looks like a F7

  2. You sound like a Breton from Oblivion.

  3. Its great until you start losing focus teaching the riff

  4. i hate how everyone is saying it sounds like twist and shout by the beatles but twist and shout was by the isley brothers everyone should be saying twist and shout sounds like la bamba

  5. who think this song is like twist and shout by the beatles ?

  6. Very well done. I used to do it single notes. so humbled. Thanks so much for the edification. Warm regards. Roby.

  7. what guitar is that

  8. Would you be so kind as to do a video for The Young Ones by The Shadows great Hank Marvin

  9. Could you do a video of framed and or ow my head my ritchie they are both great thx for the lesson!

  10. +JustinGuitar  Could you tell me with F,C and G cords you exactly mean?

  11. if i understood correctly the strumming pattern is like this:
    C   F   G


  12. Great Lesson ,Thank you I'm off to practise I've wanted to play that for years
    since Twist & Shout by the Beatles

  13. Benjamin Cordovilla

    ty bro you rox

  14. I'm learning this later

  15. thank you now I know how to play la bamba 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. justin….. you are always awesome 😀

  17. ING. Emilio Garcia Lagos

    thank you my friend

  18. much better than all the lesson where they teach you only the basic notes, and not how it actually sounds in the song.

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