Right and Left Hand Positioning for Bass Guitar – Lesson with Scott Devine (L#59)

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I’ve performed, recorded, shared taxis, vans, planes and boats with players such as, Adrian Ingram, Martin Simpson, Dennis Rollins, Gary Boyle, Neil Brocklebank, The Drifters, The Four Tops, The Nolans, Marisa Turner (Prince, Chaka Kahn), Peter Grant (top 5 jazz artist), Spyro Gyra, Ogie Alcasid, Vina Morales, The Jeff Andrews band (Mike Stern)and has performed at venues such as Ronnie Scotts, Pizza Express (London Soho), The 606 Club, The Vortex, Dubai International Jazz festival and Montreal grand prix.

I’ve also studied with an amazing host of world class musicians including Skuli Sverrisson (Allan Holdsworth), Jeff Andrews, Ralph Alessi, Ravi Coltrane, Brad Shepik and Adam Rogers. He was also lucky enough to study extensively with Gary Willis in Barcelona from 2006 to 2007.
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  1. Vincent Koster

    right hand: 0:002:45
    left hand: 2:456:42

  2. 5:13 I cant even get my fingers to stretch that wide. It feels really resistant. Even with the slight curve in the wrist like he has.

  3. how about when your playing up the neck because i do sometimes feel tension in my wrist everytime i play in the high notes

  4. Duncan Foulger

    Picked up a bass yesterday, really glad I saw this now, thanks.

  5. Why is it bad news to have your wrist curved for the fret hand on bass guitar when you see proper positioning from john simonetti showing an extreme curve in the wrist while playing double bass?

  6. george…………lol

  7. Sabrina Morena

    hey Scott! I have a question. am I supposed to put my right tumb on the pick up and not move it when playing lower strings? (Sorry if this is confusing haha)

  8. Love this video!
    The sad thing is that many pros say the correct position is not to move the arms but to bend both the left and the right hand to play in the right way. Which actually means tendons, elbows and shoulder inflammations.
    The thing is that are good pros who can also play really well, but I don't understand how they can play like this and not get injured, unless they fill themselves with anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers!

  9. I'm so glad I found these videos! I've been playing my bass for about a year now and I've recently tarted to do covers but I've found it hard to do most intermediate level songs all because I've missed out a lot of these fundamentals! I wouldn't say I'm a complete novice player but I'm not intermediate and recently I've been in this unmotivated rut because I've thought that I'll never get as good as I want to be but sitting here now after watching only half an hours worth of lessons and I can already see a difference! It will still take a while but I really feel like this has really pushed me into the right direction! :D

  10. Scott, i wanna be just like you when i grow up :D

  11. I play with my fretting hand pretty much 99% as you're supposed to. My thumb points a bit more towards the  neck but it's still pointing upwards. Still i get wrist tension and i feel sore after playing. Why does this happen?

  12. that is important kids, trust me – when I started to play guitar 25 years ago I was told all those things by a guitar teacher and being a normal r'n'r/metal teenager I told him to sod off…it took years of pain and sore wrist to get to a nice comfortable playing position. I mean – yes you can have your OWN handling style and position of playing, but it costs too much, you're way better off if you confirm to the damn norm and concentrate on the music you're playing. 

  13. thank you scott i really needed to know this

  14. Eduardo Ungaratto

    help me yeah much!

  15. Thanks for helping me check that my right hand positioning is indeed correct. On my own I've developed a position similar to yours where the wrist is not perfectly straight, but there's a slight bend.

    But browsing the internet I came across some people saying resting your forearm on the bass (which produces that slight bend) is still bad and having it very straight with your shoulder keeping your elbow up (like how you said Gary Willis plays) was the correct way.

    Hopefully both are sufficient in preventing injury since I find your way to be more comfortable.

  16. Túllio D'Avila

    Thanks Scott!

  17. This really helped me, i just started with the bass 4 days ago and i was having a lot of fatigue and pain on my arm and my thumb.

    Great channel.

  18. Archil Bzhalava Jr.

    Hello, Do you have low action or high action?

  19. how to come leering class, how many months..classes…what is the price…where the place..what is the country….send me…every thing….i'm in Sri Lanka ..thanks scott

  20. When you removed the gloves, I was half-expecting some buzz from the left hand..but then I remembered that I am watching a terrific bass player. Thanks for the lessons Scott!

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