Riptide ★ Vance Joy ★ Guitar Lesson – Easy Acoustic How To Play Tutorial

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Vance Joy ★ Riptide ★ Guitar Lesson – Easy Acoustic How To Play Tutorial
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  1. Some of these comments bring fond memories of when I was learning guitar. I forgot how difficult it was to get my head around strumming and open chords.

  2. What if u can’t play one of the cords cause ur hand is too small?

  3. hinata is the cutest cutie patootie1144

    Can i play without that clip on the guitar

  4. Yeah, okay You're Probably Right.

    And i give up

  5. What about tuning

  6. you made this very simple for those of us with only two brain cells, all of the other videos make me stressed out because they are just so hard and so fast, but you took time to teach my sad stupid brain, and i thank you, im actualy going to sing this song to ma crush in a bit, so now i can play guitar with it! seriously tho, you are a realy good teacher and i hope that all of your other videos are as easy to understand as this!!! luv yah <3

  7. When it says acoustic but you play on electronic anyways

  8. why does my Am sound so deep

  9. i cant do a G chord

  10. Alguien me dice

  11. Que afinación es

  12. What afinattion is please????????????

  13. Ricardo Sarmiento L.

    Really good teacher !! Keep posting vids

  14. Can you send me the papir with text and chords?

  15. heeelp when i play the G chord it doesnt sounds the same at all ?!! is it my guitar or just me

  16. this is so hard

  17. Is the chords are right?? I’m so confused with the chords chart in google and the chords in this video!!!!!!

  18. Superbly Demonstrated ……Thanks for your hard work …got it taped ♥

  19. Ryan reynolds? :v

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