Rise Against – Swing Life Away – Guitar Lesson Tutorial

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  1. ….missing the bridge…. :(

  2. Love your videos man, thank you so much!

  3. The original singer is mgk and kellin quinn

  4. wow this helped out a lot. thanks a ton and keep up the good work

  5. You should zoom in because not everyone knows what the different chords means. If there are real new beginners i mean that like holding a guitar for the first time.

  6. 2016 year ,hello ))

  7. i have some issues to use my pick

  8. Jared “Martian” Canning

    thank you sooo much i only knew how to do the intro but ur vid helped soo much

  9. If you are playing the "acoustic version" (the version without the power chords), instead of playing A5 during the chorus, do you play A major? And also, do you have a different strumming pattern for the A and D chords at the end of each "line" of the chorus?

  10. Dude you are so awesome, beginners like myself really appreciate these videos because you explain things so well!
    Thank you!

  11. it would be cool if you could display chords as an overlay while you play!

  12. your still missing one part!!!

  13. could you play 3 rounds and a shot by blind pilot?

  14. E shadowreaperX x

    Do make it stop

  15. You are fabulous at what you do, I've never learnt quicker!!! I would love to learn talk is cheap by Chet faker, heard him do the acoustic live and it was amazing

  16. you need to do BLINK 182 I MISS YOU! ive been having troubles with this song but the way you play is simplified and sounds good

  17. thanks for the tutorial! it was really easy to understand. m/

  18. He doesn't have the right chords. Look up the guy from Europe. He has the actual way. 

  19. Measures 121-141 Are the trickest in this song. If you could cover those it would be awesome. It's before the final Versus and final Chorus and outro.

  20. tozzz ! a 1: 37 min… X'D

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