ROAD SONG – Wes Montgomery – GUITAR LESSON – Chord Melody

ROAD SONG - Wes Montgomery - GUITAR LESSON - Chord Melody

Guitar LESSON on ROAD SONG – Chord Melody style. Detailed & well explained. Incl. slow version. TABS available.

IMPORTANT: Click “Return to merchant” at the end of the Paypal order to reiceive the TABS!

IMPORTANT: Click “Return to merchant” at the end of the Paypal order to reiceive the TABS!

– TABS (PDF): $ 1.25
– BACKING TRACKS (regular + slow tempo): $ 1.99
– Guitar Pro 7 TABS (compatible with GP7, Power Tabs, Tux Player, and many more): $ 1.99
– FULL PACKAGE (incl.: TABS (PDF), Backing Tracks, Guitar Pro TABS): $ 3.75

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You don’t have to ask yourself anymore how to play Road Song on guitar, because here it is.
This is the jazz standard Road Song by Wes Montgomery. In this guitar tutorial you’ll learn how to play octaves Wes Montgomery style, as well as the Road song guitar chords. Since this lesson is a jazz guitar chord melody lesson, the chords and the melody are played at once. No backing track needed.

You can purchase the Road Song tab from one of the links above. The TABS are also available if you support me on Patreon.

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  1. SuperCarver2011

    Wes Montgomery, I started playing with my thumb years ago because of him. If I close my eyes, your style is very close to
    his. I really love his version of DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES ( Henry Mancini) and the lush chords he used, and that unique
    ending chord Fsus2, with the pretty ending run. There is a transcription on Youtube of some of his actual chords

  2. This is so good. Thanks.

  3. Hey Sandra,
    If you haven't already could you please teach 'Darn That Dream'? It's perfect for chord melody.

  4. The Ghost Jazz Trio

    Great teacher. Nice relaxed methodology, and instructions are simple and to the point. Very helpful….ty

  5. George Gaskell

    Hi Sandra! Big fan. Any chance you could do a tutorial on Nica's dream?

  6. great song, great lesson! congrats

  7. Super cool song Sandra. You keep putting these out faster than I can learn them. This one I'm gonna learn for sure.

  8. I love it! Good job!

  9. Hello again Sandra. Regarding my previous comment in response to your comment about– "requests" — well, MY BAD. I meant to say, "That's All" and not Moonlight In Vermont. You've already done a wonderful lesson on Moonlight In Vermont. I just wanted to let you know this. Again, I almost feel a little greedy requesting something else just when I'm getting started on, "Road Song." I was just responding is all. Thanks for all you do!!

  10. With the thumb-KILLER-Keep up the great work

  11. Wow what a great tune thx! You play so wonderfully and are a great teacher bye jazz nerd

  12. Bennett Michaels

    Cool , thanks Sandra…

  13. Heilige *******! Hammer gespielt, wie immer.

  14. Great, Sandra, amazing song! But I failed in playing with my thumb -my "flesh" is not strong enough 😉

  15. Alexander Altago

    I heard that song a lot but didn't know it was Montgomery's. Now I wanna play it. Thanks!

  16. Andis Galaxysvieractive


  17. James Margulis

    Loves me some Wes! Great as always, Sandra. Thank you!

  18. thank you Sandra! wes is my favourite player! erm actually my second favourite after you of course! best wishes from UK!

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