"Roadhouse Blues" Guitar Lesson with Robby Krieger

"Roadhouse Blues" Guitar Lesson with Robby Krieger

Learn how to play the iconic Doors song with Robby Krieger himself.


  1. I've rocked many a karaoke bar with this bad boy

  2. Thank you for this one 😉

  3. Although I've seen better, more detailed tutorials, the fact that it's coming from the man himself, his video rocks!! How old is he now? Judging by his t shirt, he still enjoys a smoke.

  4. Grazie Robby! Suono la chitarra grazie a te!

  5. Awesome Robbie for you to teach us this song on guitar…what a treat as a guitar player myself!

  6. Laurent Mastella

    merci Robby

  7. Thanks man…i got several of your licks down…good to hear from you..

  8. Lenda viva, prazer de ver o criador ensinando wow

  9. Eu adorava os the doors ,mas tenho de me entregar a Deus e não a coisas de homens

  10. Wow, see what social distancing enhanced internet communication brings us?

  11. My goodness this is a strange timeline

  12. Wow, cool! Thanks man!

  13. Thx
    robby! Soo nice of u!

  14. Great! Smoke a Doobie with me in Santa Monica at the beach dude.. Hahaha AND ANDDDDDDDDDDD!!! HE'S GONNA DO SPANISH CARAVAN! KIDS PRAY TO GOD YOU GOT HIM ALIVE DOING THIS FOR YOU…

  15. Our host is a damn good singer, too.

    Along with @ 100 others, I had the pleasure of seeing & hearing this gent & his two remaining partners in their ensemble known as The Doors one fine night at a tiny playhouse in L.A. – they talked & played . . . my God, what a night.

    I'm covered head to toe in the warmth and chill of the memory.

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