Robert Johnson – Sweet Home Chicago – Guitar Lesson by Joe Murphy

Watch Pt 1 of this lesson here:


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  1. Been meaning to pick up my guitar for ages and you've given me the spark I needed – thanks!

  2. Lance White Eagle

    Great tutorial, thank you. Any chance of a follow-up video with some of the fills in it? (My apologies if this is covered in the blues lessons, haven't gone through them all yet)

  3. Very good – Thank you Joe – I like it 😉

  4. What are the licks you are playing in between the transitions?

  5. Great tutorial. Thanks.

  6. Alessandro Berselli

    Fabulous lesson, incredibile teacher. My best regards.

  7. Robert Sanscartier

    nice playing and good explanations.thanks!

  8. this man is so underrated

  9. Manuel Chaves Nogales

    That guitar, incredible instrument.

  10. BlindLemonMeringue

    the blues stuff is great, thanks

  11. By far the best tutorials on guitar on youtube. What a legend

  12. This is the best Sweet Home Chicago lesson on yt !!! love it !!! thats the real way to play this tune man !!!

  13. Perfect…thanks Joel! Looking forward to checking out other lessons, too….

  14. Brilliant thank you .

  15. Vinícius Notharangeli

    feels like I no longer need my friend lucy to do this.

  16. Englehard Dinglefester

    Holy cow! I always wanted to know how that went!

  17. Which low action guitar do you recommend?

  18. Awesome lesson Joe!

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