Rock and Blues Electric Guitar Solo Lesson – Building Speed guitar solo lick

Free Jamtracks here!!!


  1. Slash is a disappointment outside of a studio.. stagefright. Honest.

  2. why? for the love of hip hop, my lil finger doesn't wanna do what I want it to lol don't get me wrong dexterity in other fingers, fine…pinkie, not a team playa :(

  3. Hey man, good lesson – I've been playing for many years, and certainly the basic pattern/scale/lick was nothing new to me, but I actually picked up some coolness from the section where you expanded the lick into more variations/noodling – right on 🙂

    What I think is worth noting is how nicely you went from the very rudimentary "basics" of the pattern, gradually into how one can turn it into expanded-phrasing improv/soloing – well done.

  4. maria tablettina

    …in Germany wi call You Martin Schwanz…….

  5. You always take off on a run in middle of lesson like you want to show off that you can do it..we know you're good and can play, please stay on track and stick with lesson, you lose and confuse people like that..otherwise, you're awesome

  6. 1:25

    slash also overbends the root and minor third xD

  7. юра матвеев

    марти ты хороший учитель и человек. marty you is a good man

  8. i love the way you play a guitar cool dude keep it up…2 thums up

  9. We love your cats !

  10. Forbidden Tourist

    Toe jam

  11. Caspar Stanley


  12. Caspar Stanley

    How does that have anything to do with Star Wars?

  13. Bigspiral Mcguiness

    Really appreciate the Jam tracks!!! Cheers

  14. I just wish he'd stop sending me fucking emails saying 'LAST CHANCE TO BUY '—–'

  15. Marty, I just wanted to say that you are the best teacher on the webs. I love learning from you and you make it easy. May the Schwartz be with you my friend.

  16. B-radio .station

    Fuckin awesome man Marty you're preparin me for my gig sunday dude!

  17. SwanSongRecords

    I have been messed about and ripped off by useless guitar teachers for months. Im not a bad guitarist im just stuck at one point and have been for years, this has taught me more in 5 minutes than anyone has taught me in an hour for a very long time.

    You are a hero!

  18. lol he said hit the g string

  19. you can't do that on acoustic guitar. can you? i can't

  20. Its a couple of thousands dollars! LOL good luck!

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