Rock Blues Guitar Lesson (Just 3 Chords) – Solo Guitar Lesson – EP151

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In this blues guitar lesson you’ll learn the strum pattern for a rock blues composition using just 3 chords. In addition, you’ll learn how to add fill-licks in between the chords, so you end up having a jam session with yourself, no accompaniment required.
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  1. stewart soutar

    thanks great lessons helping me alot

  2. sounds like "in the mood" by rush

  3. More! More! I Love this!

  4. Baltrox Baltros

    Hey man, great lesson. Tks. One question: The progression Amajor; Cmajor; Dmajor sounds great… however, it does not fit on major scales from any root…I wonder, how is that? I´m kind of puzzled…I figure that there is a piece of musical theory I'm missing, would you know?

  5. why don't you show them how to play a 5 string open tune G chord ?

  6. Thanks , good explanation, no extra chatter and you get to the point.
    cheers, more more !

  7. oh yea, keep this rocking lead-fill stuff coming. you have a great gift for explaining and simplifying and it works!

  8. EmanuelePietro Buscemi

    very very good performance.

  9. great lesson and tips. thank you

  10. Isn't that your $375. Les Paul you picked up in Nashville??? What store? Artisan? Carters? Gruhn? Guitar Center?
    I'll be down there on May 17th…..Where do you shop and watch music?

  11. Awesome need more rock songs!

  12. Mário Barreto

    Don't know why, I don't like the sound of a TS through a humbucker pickup.

    Nice lesson, thank you!

  13. Love these cord progression with the lead fills in between & your acoustic delta blues lessons. Your also one of the best guitar teachers by not only explaining the practical aspect but more importantly the theory behind why your playing it. Thanks from the great white north!

  14. that first A is kinda like walk softly. Kentucky Headhunters

  15. Cheerzz Brian, Much appreciated from the UK, Steady…

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