Rock Blues Rhythm and Lead Guitar Lesson – Play this by yourself (no jam track needed) – EP322

In this week’s blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play an Eric Clapton, Cream style rhythm and lead that sounds great on it’s own (no jam track needed).

To view the part 2 video, and download the tablature for this lesson, visit


  1. I am a premium member of active melody, love your teaching style and weekly lessons . However lately you haven't been posting any new slide guitar lessons . Would like some new acoustic and electric slide guitar lessons for slide guitar players

  2. Oh yeah,Classic sounding song.Use to here these,Thinking out of reach 4 me.Thanks to you Brian I'm playing this killer tune.

  3. I subscribed your course and I learn much guitar. I love blues.

  4. This is gold!

  5. Thanks fella

  6. One thing that confuses me a lot here is that I don't know if in this key I should be playing Gm followed by Cm… or Cmaj. C9 is a major chord, isn't it?

  7. Lesson starts at 4:45

  8. MASTER ARTIST Rachamin

    Thats some bad ass shit!! Glad Im a member!!

  9. Paschalis Antoniou

    Man, you are the best teacher as far as blues/ rock blues is concerned.
    Trully you have inspired me in starting those stand alones.
    Keep playing man. Keep teaching.

  10. He’s done it again absolutely smashed it out the park another beautiful lesson I love this guy I downloaded his course what should I say joins the website course he provides the best money I’ve ever spent with Ohh Gp to a hand injury I haven’t been able to play it for the past four months unfortunately I still love watching the content

  11. Great site only problem I can't get anything else done, every time I see Brian's video s I have to pick my guitar up and learn it , very motivating and great way to learn guitar !

  12. Brian …. you are making me so much cooler .. and the stuff you're doing it with is just flat out fun to play … and it's stuff I can use for many things ….. you just stand there like a charcoal drawn peanuts figure …. Then you put a guitar in your hands … color comes in and the background turns to audience and you and a bunch of other Alist musicians are owning the house… yer a pretty cool kid … I guess I'll check out your website when I get back from nyc … obviously you have many guitars I need to peruse… and a lot of cool lessons I missed over the last few years… I been checking ya out over the last couple of years but finally came around recently… are you in Nashville? 'cause I don't usually go past buck snort but I could probably make to Nashville sometime… maybe I'll look ya up…. and if you are in Nashville go sit in with Paula jo Taylor then give her a big hug and tell her " that was from Corey " stay cool kid … cya

  13. I have no idea how you do it Brian. Wish I knew how to create music like that. Would be ten times a happier man!

  14. Opening licks, Gary Clark Jr-ish

  15. This man has taught me so much about the blues thank you for all your effort!

  16. Nice! Gotta think that tone itself is somewhat inspirational when it starts flowing. Thanks Brian

  17. I lived this idea.And I give you alot of credit for your creative treasure chest of single guitar player tunes I love the rythm and lead and your ability to teach your thinking and reasons why it works.
    I also love you just keep churning them out.
    But lets face it 89% of guitar players play alone to themselfs. It truely is very satisfying to ENTERTAIN your self…just a guy/ girl and the guitar.
    Its satisfying to go from one end to the other a be satisfied.
    This tune has a lot of otis rush in it I love it.
    And we ALL thank you for your "tone" equipment settings it sure helps alot Thank you thank you
    You are the only one out there always teaching original material and vreaking it down so we that follow you can understand " the language of lead and rythm. It really is great work you do !

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