Rock You Like a Hurricane Guitar Lesson – Scorpions – Chords & First Solo

Rock You Like a Hurricane Guitar Lesson - Scorpions - Chords & First Solo

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You are in for a treat with this one. This note-for-note Rock You Like a Hurricane guitar lesson series will teach you how to play this smash hit by the Scorpions in it’s entirety.

Released in 1984 off their Love at First Sting album, “Rock You Like a Hurricane” shot to the top of the charts and greatly contributed to the band’s success.

The success of this single was due in part to it’s opening guitar riff which is one of the most memorable in the history of hard rock music. It is simple but extremely effective.

In this first video lesson, I will demonstrate how to play all of the chords and riffs in “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, and I will also do a note-for-note breakdown of the intro guitar solo as well.

They use pretty much basic power chords throughout so if you can confidently play those you shouldn’t have much trouble. The solos in “Rock You Like a Hurricane” are a whole different story though.

The intro solo contains a lot of harmony guitar work. I will be teaching the main harmony line in those sections so you can play this with just one guitar and it will still sound great.

There is some tricky licks in there to contend with including fast legato, large bends, alternate picking sequences and an ending lick out of the blues scale that is extremely fast.

The entire second video lesson is dedicated to a note-for-note breakdown of the amazing main guitar solo.

In this solo we start with a unison bend that leads into a long drawn out bend. After that though, we are off to the races! Lots of guitar pyrotechnics abound in a fun, catchy, yet very challenging guitar solo.

This solo contains trills, pick tapping w/slides, tremolo picking, bluesy bends, double-stops, pinch harmonics, an extremely fast legato sequence that covers the entire fretboard, high position playing, string skips, rapid alternate picking and more. Whewww!!

All of this does sound very technical and it is. However, the solo is so musical that you won’t get bogged down in the learning process. It is actually very fun to play!

Simply learn it phrase-by-phrase like I teach it in the video lesson and you will be fine. And if you are into 80’s era hard rock soloing, you can’t do much better than this. 🙂




  1. Hey, can you please do Wind of Change?? I've been looking everywhere and I can't find it! lol thanks 🙂

  2. Kolvileo Kolvilei

    waiting for the Day that I learn to play this

  3. I was practicing this first solo when my first string cracked 🙁 ¡¡¡¡FUCK!!!!

  4. yo these videos literally have taught me everything i know. tysm for all your time and dedication you put into them!

  5. plz plz plz soldier of fortune

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    You have a kick ass sound Carl. Who makes your guitar and what kind of amp are you using ?

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    Can't Wait To Play The Solo!!!!!!!
    (four minutes later) 21 frets XD

  10. Why when I bend, the sound vanish D8 ??

  11. Fuck I can't wait to get the hang of this, lots of fun to play

  12. Exquisite guitar and tone.

  13. Manuel Dirmüller

    do you only have to strum the strings that you play or all of them?

  14. Excellent lessons…proud to support Carl and crew!

  15. Another excellent lesson…thank you. Could you teach us Rhythm of Love next? Thanks!

  16. Where do I send my money? !!

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  18. My dude Carl f#$@in Brown!!

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