Rockabilly Rhythm and Lead Guitar Lesson – Learn several classic Rockabilly Licks – EP226

In this rockabilly guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play several classic licks along with an up-tempo rockabilly style rhythm. This is in the style of the great Carl Perkins.

To view the Part 2 video, download the tablature, and down the MP3 jam track (available in 2 tempos) for this lesson, visit
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  1. Arturo Luna Rojas

    Excelente, no hablo ingles, como comentario, seria buena opción agregar subtitulos, saludos cordiales

  2. Yeah, keep the beard 🙂

  3. Thanks Brian:) somtime hopefully this winter I'm gonna try to become a member of your website….

  4. Best lessons nowadys on internet. Learning a lot. Thanks very much for those. God bless.

  5. Yeah, bring the beard back homie

  6. and I'm a new customer

  7. Hey Brian, Nashville is surely the shadow of your playing these days. Thank you . Many memories of my mothers guitar instrumentals of her LP collection.


  9. Андрей Невоград

    спасибо ! Rockabilly Forever !

  10. Thank You!

  11. Brian please do another electric delta blues

  12. tank you very much great teacher!!! Very good..excelent!

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