Rockin In The Free World – Neil Young – Guitar Lesson (ST-910) How to play acoustic

Rockin In The Free World - Neil Young - Guitar Lesson (ST-910) How to play acoustic

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Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Rockin In The Free World – Neil Young
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In this guitar lessons we’re checking out how to play Rockin In The Free World by Neil Young. Originally a heavy electric song this is the same parts but done on an acoustic guitar.

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  1. Too bad one has to suffer through mush mouth idiot president 45 talking America First bullshit before getting the lesson.

  2. Keep on knockin on heaven's door

  3. You are always smiling bro haha it looks like your always fun 🙂

  4. Hi justin
    What do you think of:
    022XXXX – 057070 – 035050…for guitar#2 ?…tx

  5. Awesome ! Thank you !

  6. Great tut Justin. You nail every song.

  7. Damn Justin I just cannot thank you enough for your lessons. I am having so much fun learning this and other songs. From Laramie Wyoming

  8. Justin is just the best!

  9. the rest of the song is the same?

  10. Love your voice. You're great at what you do. Thank you!

  11. you dropped your pick at 6:30 and continued like a true professional!
    …This is why you're the best

  12. Great lesson, easy to follow

  13. The best song of all the best songs out there

  14. I needed this song for a jam next week, worked through this lesson a few times, I can now take it an teach it. You make me look good! Great lesson, thanks!

  15. Rock it Justin !!!!!!

  16. I really like this acoustic version Justin. Thanks!

  17. Great lesson !

  18. Great lesson mate.
    Looks like you are playing 2 different C chords?

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