Rolling Stones "Brown Sugar" Guitar Lesson

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at MartyMusic (ha ha it’s just me)

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  2. Ok I just subscribed just because of that little imitation of Mick at the end of the intro, I actually laughed out loud and that's not easy to do.

  3. Some Vato told me you were from Santa Fe!! Lets do Tamales!!!

  4. nice Mic dance!

  5. left thumb hurts.

  6. This song is so nasty

  7. My Life with Guitar

    Don't forget your kazoo for the breakdown 😀

  8. That duckface though, lol. Nailed it.

  9. Many thanks for this helpful lesson. Happy Hanukkah

  10. That's all 100% playable in normal tuning. Open tuning is senseless.

  11. love your channel man

  12. Lol! Love you man. Ty Marty!

  13. Dude! THANKS, lotta fun! First time alt tuning, what a hoot …

  14. I friggin love the Jag impression at the end of the lick. going to learn this like now lol

  15. Long time lurker , after this one I had to sub thanks man ,

  16. Call and response 🙂

  17. You get a like for the mick impression alone 🙂

  18. FILTHY JEW! Good lord you're disgusting.

  19. Marty..I have a tele with nice low action when I regular tuning …but when I drop to dgdgbd…I get a lot of buzz…

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