Rolling Stones Paint It Black Acoustic Guitar Lesson – With Tab

Rolling Stones Paint It Black Acoustic Guitar Lesson - With Tab for more on this. This is the Rolling Stones Paint It Black for Acoustic guitar lesson. It is beginner friendly as there is nothing too hard about it. I kinda do my own interpretation of the song so if there are any discrepancies im sure you will forgive me. Paint it black in this version iam using a capo on the 3rd fret. I have attempted to make this easy to understand showing both the finger picking and strumming sections. Including a few bits i thrown in for good measure. YES i know i made a tiny error in the beginning but the rest should be okay. Just follow the tab i provide for the intro. Please comment / rate and check out my site. No nasty comments please its just plain rude. Please note this is just my interpretation of the song. Enjoy!!
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  1. your missing a note ,it's at the lyric …..want it

  2. Nice lessons. I have the exact same Takamine G series. Dark blue/black with the pearl accents.

  3. People are still enjoying your lesson … me now included ! Thanks for doing this, your insrtruction is just perfect, not too slow but doesnt miss anything – but you also have to concentrate to get it! Spot on. Im sure there are planty of folks who find it too hard, or easy or whatever – for me its awesome. thanks Man,,,

  4. i think we have the EXACT GUITAR !

  5. this's a bit advanced

  6. be my bbbff plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Your voice sooo awesome 😀

  8. Yeah the count goes afther the capo

  9. I got really confused because I was just listening but why is he saying 3rd fret when he was playing the 6th fret? does he starts the frets below the capo or something?

  10. thank you finaly someone is right

  11. @MrGuitardragons I think you explained it well, there is a lot to fit in! Muting strings isn't easy for new players, they can youtube how to do it 🙂
    I am not new, but I am not very good lol. I have now learnt the song thank you, I am now working on making it sound good! Thank you!!

  12. Thanks Alyn great lesson Happy New Year and please keep posting your lessons

  13. Nikolay Damyanov

    dude, you are awesome!
    Thanks for the video

  14. @FreeDirt1337 the Dm and A is what the verse and intro is based around. If you just strummed Dm and A you would have the verse. I guess i didnt explain it to good.

  15. @xSoulSacrifice – Think i might have explained it badly. But its all upstrokes. so as soon as you hit the upstroke take your palm and immediately deaden the strings. This stops the stroke from reverberating and makes that sound. Hard to explain ;-( but mess around with palm muting and you will get it. I generally rest the palm of my hand on the very back of the strings making it easier to mute quickly and alternate between strokes. Hope it helps.

  16. your vid is awesome i learnd everything you taught except the little all up strokes part.. its sorta confusing are you muting any strings?

  17. play paranoid in the black sabath a ver si an chingon eres va camara te cuidas valedor

  18. im not sure about the intro, it is not right

  19. chords strumming please ?

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